Teamsters Local Union 651

"The people in Kentucky are in desperate need of elected officials that will protect the interests of the middle class. We are confident that you will continue to support our community of hard-working families and find success in your campaign."

"Voters in District 4 should return Susan Lamb to the Urban County Council. Her four years on the council don't begin to cover her experience, as she spent two decades in the Council Clerk's Office and has served Lexington in various capacities dating back to the administration of Scotty Baesler." "Thoughtful and thorough, Lamb will no doubt reward district voters by becoming even more valuable as their representative over another term."

C-FAIR endorses Susan Lamb

C-FAIR, the Political Action Committee of Kentucky’s LGBTQ Fairness Campaign, announces a record number of endorsements in the 2018 General Election.


The Lexington Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 526 is proud to announce the endorsement of Susan Lamb to continue to represent the 4th District of the Lexington City Council. Susan Lamb will continue to provide leadership and move this city forward to provide jobs and ensure that the Lexington Fire Department has the tools, infrastructure and equipment to continue its top notch service to the citizens of Lexington.

Council Member Lamb understands that collective bargaining along with a good labor-management relationship is vital making sure that the compensation and benefits fire fighters receive need to be competitive to recruit and retain the best and brightest. This includes protecting our retirement for Lexington Fire Fighters, which provides a secure and dignified retirement for the fire fighters that have served the citizens of Lexington.

We ask the citizens of Lexington’s 4th District to support and elect Susan Lamb to the city council and your firefighters look forward to working with her as she continues to represent the district and this great city!

Christopher Bartley
President Lexington Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 526

I am so proud to be endorsed again by the Victory Fund.

Your life of commitment to serving and protecting this community, its working men, women and working families is evidenced by both your words and actions.

Central Ky. Building and Ky Trade Council

Your commitment to working men, women and working families is evidenced by both your words and actions.

Endorsement from 2014 “Susan Lamb is a caring and conscientious Council member, and she deserves to be re-elected." -Pam Miller, former Mayor, Vice Mayor and 4th District Council representative

Endorsement from 2014 "Susan Lamb is the total package - she studies every issue and is conscientious about getting to know the citizens she represents. She understands what it means to be a public servant, working with taxpayer dollars and issues that impact the daily lives of people in our community." -Linda Gorton, former Vice Mayor and 4th District Council representative

“Lamb has demonstrated both an impressive grasp of many of the issues… and an enthusiasm for taking them on”. “Lamb gets our nod, giving every indication of providing an independent voice, while doing a better job of communicating with and listening to constituents, and bringing a new energy to addressing Lexington’s challenges and opportunities.” -Lexington Herald-Leader  (September 23, 2014 Campaign Endorsement)