About Susan Lamb

Susan Lamb serves as Lexington’s 4th District Councilmember. She was first elected to office in 2014. In her campaign and still to this day, she strives to listen, respond and respect the needs of all communities in the district. With energy and enthusiasm, Susan brings her expertise and knowledge of city government to work for the citizens of Lexington.

40 years ago, Lexington was blessed with the first woman elected to council, Pam Miller, representing the 4th District. We also have had Isabel Yates and Linda Gorton, who were great women leaders for the 4th District. Susan is blessed to have the support of Pam, Isabel and Linda serving as the current woman leader for the 4th District.

Susan received the Lexington Herald-Leader endorsement on September 23, 2014 stating:

“Lamb has demonstrated both an impressive grasp of many of the issues… and an enthusiasm for taking them on”. “Lamb gets our nod, giving every indication of providing an independent voice, while doing a better job of communicating with and listening to constituents, and bringing a new energy to addressing Lexington’s challenges and opportunities.”

This endorsement rings true to how Susan has worked to better serve the residents in the 4th District. She currently is the only 1st term Councilmember selected by her colleagues to Chair a standing Council Committee: General Government and Social Services Committee. She also serves on the following Boards and Committees:

  • Council Rules & Procedures Subcommittee - Chair
  • Budget, Finance and Economic Development Committee
  • Planning and Public Safety Committee
  • Social Services Advisory Board
  • City Employee's Pension Fund Board
  • Infill and Redevelopment Committee
  • Economic Development Investment Board
  • Corridors Commission
  • Internal Audit Board
  • Commission on Veteran’s Affairs
  • Finance and Social Services Council Budget Link - Chair

Thank you for visiting our page. During the campaign, we continue to eagerly meet with residents of the district. We hope to talk with and learn from you over the next several months. Together, we can have a shared vision for the future of the 4th District and our city.

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